Indoor plants can make a room healthier

Indoor plants couldn’t be more on-trend if they tried and now an Australian study shows stylish botanicals also have the power to improve health and wellbeing.

The study, commissioned by horticulture industry body Hort Innovation and done by scientists at the University of Melbourne and RMIT University, reviewed 101 scientific articles from around the world about the benefits of house plants; looking at the impact on air quality and peoples’ wellbeing.

It found adding one indoor plant to a medium-sized room increases the air quality by 25%, while adding five or more plants of different species and sizes leads to “significantly improved wellbeing” in the form of improved mood and greater productivity.

The research has been distilled into a free virtual reality app, Plant Life Balance, which allows users to upload a photo of their space and get a ‘health’ rating. If the rating is low, they can use the app to drag and drop different plants to see how a number of plants can improve their health, wellness and air quality.

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