The biggest interior design trends of 2018

The year that was was defined by millennial pinks, terrazzo tiling and resort-style living. But the design-savvy are predicting a shift in the way we’re set to decorate our homes in 2018.

Those who followed our interior advice in 2017 will be happy to hear that marble, jewel tones and understated luxury are here to stay, but the few who purchased a millennial pink couch on a whim may want to go digging in that miscellaneous kitchen drawer for the receipt…

Colours of the earth are embraced

The Pantone Colour Institute named ultra violet as 2018’s hue of choice. The whimsical purple, described as a “dramatically provocative and thoughtful shade”, gives a prolific nod to the feminist movement. As Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the colour authority, stated in a press release last month, ultra violet promises to “take our awareness and potential to a higher level”.

“When we deal with fashionable colours, we suggest using them in items that can be interchanged later,” David Hicks advises.

“Accessories are a great start – from glass vases to bowls and cushions, even throws and smaller upholstered items such as chairs also work, as they can be changed in the future quite easily.”

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